Monday, June 29, 2020

100 word challenge

The bike I dreaded

It was a rainy 3:05, and the bell rang. I knew I had to bike home, because my parents are as hard as rock; they wouldn't just come and pick me up with the bike rack. I pulled on my waterproof jacket and my hi viz, grabbed my bike from the bike shed, and set off into the wet, miserable weather with a positive mindset (sorta). After what felt like years, I reached read street, which fortunately for me, is downhill. But unfortunately, is heading straight into the wind and rain. I was biking down at the speed of light, then I saw it. A dead hedgehog, lying there. I grimaced and swerved around it, water welling up in my eyes. Either from the rainwater or my sympathy for the hedgehog. I imagined being at home by the nice warm fire with my pjś on, and smiled.


  1. Great job kezia, I love how you said that your parents are as hard as rock. maybe next time you could add adjectives or similes like we are learning to do in class.

  2. I feel so sorry for you because you have to bike home in the rain sometimes.😥

  3. Hello Unknown
    Haha yes I do! How do you get to school?

  4. Hey guys!
    Lots of views on this post so far! Make sure you comment down below ( where I am now) I love reading feedback!!